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Our Research

Research Themes

Fuel Cells, hydrogen production and storage

The research looks at the testing of hydrogen and fuel cells for vehicles and for power systems in buildings.  Higher efficiencies and lower emissions are the key benefits, and zero-carbon is the ultimate aim of this technology.  Across the MEC we have over 50 PhD students actively engaged in research in fuel cell and hydrogen related projects currently and around 30 academic staff and research fellows with interest in this area.  Colleagues from the University of Birmingham are members of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Supergen Hub and have recently been successful in winning two of the recently announced Supergen Challenge projects. 

Our universities have invested extensively in hydrogen research and demonstration facilities.  Each campus hosts a hydrogen refuelling station and we are also equipped with electrolyser facilities.

Key research projects:


Dr Paul Anderson (University of Birmingham)
Dr David Book (University of Birmingham)
Professor Rui Chen (Loughborough University)
Professor David Grant (University of Nottingham)
Dr Lisa Jackson (Loughborough University)
Dr Jung-Sik Kim (Loughborough University)
Professor Gianluca Li Puma (Loughborough University)
Dr Neil Rees (University of Birmingham)
Professor Martin Schroder (University of Nottingham)
Professor Peter Slater (University of Birmingham)
Professor Robert Steinberger-Wilckens (University of Birmingham)
Professor Rob Thring (Loughborough University)
Professor Gavin Walker (University of Nottingham)

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